Knights Inspection Services understands the importance of real time information with inspection services. KIS has teamed up with TechEdge Services to develop a cutting edge tracking system that puts inspection results and analytics at the client’s finger tips which allows you, the client, to be present for every inspection.  LIVE V2 incorporates the latest software that enhances search capabilities making it quick and easy to query any search criteria with the option to export to Microsoft Excel. LIVE V2 also allows our client to search and track inspection costs and billing authorizations.  Our inspectors are equipped with tablets so that all inspection reports are completed on-site.  LIVE V2 also incorporates the safety aspect of the job. Every job package contains a JSA and Safety Observation Check List ensuring that SAFETY remains at the forefront.  Our LIVE V2 system provides our clients with the ability to manage their own users which allows for visibility controls for each location of operation. 

LIVE V2 user Advantages:

  • Search ease
  • Real-time Information
  • Useful life traceability of all inspected tools
  • Client space manageability
  • Built in Industry inspection standards and controls
  • Client access to Inspector profile and certifications 
  • Can be tailored to specific client requirements



Knights Inspection Services emphasizes safety on all fronts – in the work place and at home.  KIS is a member of the API Energy Work Safe Program where every employee goes through regular mandatory training modules ranging from general to specific safety topics. KIS understands the importance of family and invest in any means possible to insure our employees return home safely.